Wednesday, March 5, 2008

1st Exposure - Senator David Williams (KY)

What would you call a leading state legislator who condemns homosexuals, fights tooth and nail to eliminate rights for gays and arrogantly rebukes anything but heterosexual marriage? I would call such a person a hypocrite. The person I am speaking of is Kentucky Senate President David L. Williams. Apparently Williams can talk the talk, but can’t walk the walk. As Senator Williams pulls into the driveways of well known public figures in his hometown of Burkesville, Kentucky and even “friends” in Frankfort, he isn’t looking to discuss the latest political happenings, or thinking of ways to make Kentucky better, but rather, to have raw, sweaty sex with members of the same sex.

One of Williams close friends, Tim Hicks, Cumberland County Judge Executive, along with John Olesky engages in same sex acts at the same time. Normally, such acts would be considered private, but how can I keep quiet and say nothing when David Williams publicly bashes gays, and turns around and practices the same activity at night that he so persistently opposes?

Hicks and Olesky have been same-sex lovers for years; the length of time Williams has engaged in same-sex acts with them is unknown. Olesky has been the “Bottom”, the receiving tight end, and I use that phrase loosely, for both Williams and Hicks.

This tryst shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone in the commonwealth, or nation, given how a large number of republicans who condemn homosexuality, yet practice the same act that disgusts them so, at night. U.S. Senator Larry Craig (R-Idaho) and former New Life Church Pastor Ted Haggard are just a few big name republicans who have been caught in the act.

These events have been reported, several times, to the Kentucky Equality Federation, (the gay civil rights group in Kentucky). Although representatives with Kentucky Equality Federation refuse to confirm or deny this story due to “lack of information”, the truth must come out. I know that Kentucky Equality is simply trying to protect itself from the consequences of reporting a story that it can’t yet confirm, I feel I have to make this known to the public.

I simply can’t understand how Williams and Hicks can sit in the Senate chambers and vote against rights for the LGBT population, all the while being a member of the gay community. Are these public bashings of the LGBT community a way to prevent a public outing of their own? Perhaps its time that David Williams and Tim Hicks step out of the closet and fight for something they know is true and the right thing to do, rather than making the old Republicans of Frankfort happy.

Williams, Hicks, and Olesky are all associated with the last Rainbow Gathering (not expressly gay related) in Arkansas. The homosexual acts they engage in are not limited to Cumberland County; some same-sex “parties” also take place in Frankfort.

Though I believe people are born homosexual and should have all the rights and privileges heterosexuals do, being married and living your life as heterosexual while secretly engaging in homosexual acts sounds like a mental problem. They tell alcoholics and addicts that acceptance is the first step; perhaps that way of thinking should be applied in this situation as well.